Is only the blank page interested in our thoughts?



There is a theory in some circles that sometimes we write because only the blank page is interested in our thoughts...

This course is designed to help aspiring writers in any field – novelists, essayists, poets, scriptwriters and more – to develop your writing; to shape your ideas in a way that makes anyone who “overhears” your words keep reading right until the very last word.

You will explore writing to persuade, to entertain, to illuminate a state of mind or situation – each session will take a look at how these different objectives can impact on the style of a the piece.

The course

Each week, your tutor, local author Peter Wells will guide you as you delve into the details of different genres, while making space for practising your own creative writing. You will have the opportunity to learn from your peers and receive private critique from Peter by email.

This course is for writers of all levels and backgrounds. With Peter’s expert guidance you will hone your writing technique, whatever your existing experience or creative aspirations.

The course includes opportunities to publish works of your own choice online and in an anthology of writing from Hampton Court House students of all ages, but there is no pressure to submit any particular work: it is all about practising writing for your own self-improvement.

What to expect

On this course you will experience:

  • Discussion and exploration of different genres – essays, poetry, descriptive writing, persuasive writing and more
  • Practise writing in different styles; develop your own writing in whichever direction you want
  • Receive constructive feedback from your peers and from your expert tutor, who is also available to students by email
  • Publish your work online and in an anthology of writing from Hampton Court House

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for anyone who wants to write. Whether you are a complete beginner or a published author, the aim of The Writers’ Fellowship is to create a space to improve your work and practise different creative writing skills under the guidance of an expert tutor, whom you will be able to consult between sessions. The small group size will ensure individual attention from the tutor. The atmosphere is energised, inspiring and supportive. All are welcome.

Do I need special equipment?

We recommend you bring your laptop computer or portable device. There is unlimited free wifi available for students.


Meet your tutor

Peter Wells

Peter Wells is a local author. He regularly publishes new writing on his popular blog, Counting Ducks, which attracts thousands of readers from around the world. His success as self-published online author brought him to to the attention of New York publishing house PDMI Publishing, with whom he published two novels: Living Life Backwards and The Man Who Missed The Boat. He is currently working on a third novel.

He reflects on the bitter sweet elements of others’ and his own life, crafting words in a classic, heartfelt and balanced literary style. Described as ‘wise, witty and wonder-filled’ by readers, it is easy to see why Peter’s writing hits the spot for so many across the globe. This is witnessed by the number of smiling faces liking Peter’s writing on Counting Ducks; the number of followers keeps growing and growing.

Peter describes himself as quirky, eccentric, a believer in the power of kindness and living life one sentence at a time.


How to book

Reserve your place for this inspiring course

  • This course will run for nine sessions on Thursday evenings from 7.00 to 8.30 pm, starting on 11 January, with a week's break at half term
  • Your course fee covers the whole term's classes, specially produced teaching materials, consultation by email with your tutor each week, and an informal buffet supper served at 6.30 pm before each class
  • Numbers are capped in order to ensure personal attention from the tutor, so we recommend reserving a place soon
  • The first class is a taster session; if you decide that the course is not for you, we offer a full no-quibble refund