Your entire family will return energised and nourished – in body, mind and spirit


We have designed a creative, action-packed summer school for the whole family, using Form Seven's expertise teaching children and adults at Hampton Court House.

The course is inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream; an appropriate choice, we feel, given the Bard's 400th anniversary this year.

Both adults and children can experience daily French conversation lessons and ballet workouts (fear not: no experience is required), both led by expert tutors. There will be delicious, healthy food. Enjoy art and books – as well as plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful woods and gardens around Château de Clérac, your beautiful French country home.

There will be grown-ups' only seminars on Shakespearean influences and an outing to see the cultural highlights of Bordeaux. Meanwhile, the children will prepare a magical-themed dance show to be performed at the end of the course.

Tuition, accommodation, meals, drinks, snacks and even airport transfers are all included. 

This retreat is suitable for children of all ages; the very small group sizes will allow the tutors to customise the programme for each child.


At a glance

28 July - 2 August 2016

Château de Clérac, near Bordeaux, France

Course fee:
adults £1200 (£900 for Form Seven members), children £650

daily French lessons and ballet/body conditioning for all, literature seminars and cultural tour (adults), produce a show (children)

What's included: tuition, luxury en-suite family accommodation, food, soft and alcoholic drinks, airport transfers 

An action-packed programme of creative and wellbeing activities for everyone

For the adults

  • Daily ballet/body conditioning classes with a Royal Academy of Dance teacher – no previous experience is required.
  • Discussions on literature, history and art inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream led by an expert lecturer.
  • Roam over 20 acres of private woodlands and gardens
  • Relax in the swimming pool.
  • Adults' only outing to cultural attractions in Bordeaux.
  • Delicious, healthy meals and snacks – including wine and soft drinks – are included; you can enjoy lunch and dinner together with your children as a family.

For the children

  • Daily ballet classes (also suitable for complete beginners) with a Royal Academy of Dance teacher.
  • Daily writing, literature and art classes.
  • Produce a magical dance/theatre show for the parents, inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Time to play in over 20 acres of private woodlands and gardens, complete with swimming pool.
  • Delicious, healthy meals and snacks: the children can enjoy lunch and dinner together with their parents as a family.
  • Suitable for children of all ages.

Château de Clérac: your private country home in France

Château de Clérac is a stunning Napoleonic house deep in the countryside north of Bordeaux.

Luxury En-Suite Accommodation

You will stay in recently restored en-suite family bedrooms. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to relax, read or play all around the château. Your whole family can also enjoy over 20 acres of private gardens and woodlands, including a heated swimming pool.

Delicious Dining

Dining is a family affair, with adults and children coming together. Lunch is a buffet, served in the garden if you prefer. Dinner is an opportunity for the whole family to eat together at one table in the long hall, with delicious, healthy food and wine (for the grown-ups). We can accommodate any dietary requirements, provided that we know when you place your booking.

The château is your home to enjoy during the course: feel free to bring extra drinks or snacks (although there will be no shortage of food). There is most definitely no corkage charge.