Write and make your own short film  with a professional screenwriter

Write and make your own short film with a professional screenwriter

Try  animation  with a BAFTA-nominated film-maker

Try animation with a BAFTA-nominated film-maker

Learn  street dance  with a professional choreographer

Learn street dance with a professional choreographer

Make new friends and learn amazing creative skills

join one of our enriching, exciting after-school courses

Join us at Hampton Court House for inspiring, exciting after-school courses in creative writing, animation or dance. You don’t have to be a pupil at Hampton Court House to join in – all are welcome. Everyone in the group will be super keen so you can learn amazing creative skills fast and make new friends who share your interests.

Your tutors are practising professionals – learn script writing with an award-winning playwright and Channel 4 screenwriter, try animation with a BAFTA-nominated film-maker or street dance with a professional choreographer. They all love to share their expertise and inspire you with their passion.

If you decide, after the first session, that the course isn’t for you then we will give you a full refund, no quibble.


Screen Time: scriptwriting and film making

How do films get made? What makes them special? What is the secret magic that draws you in and keeps you hooked for two hours? 

This course looks at the basics of putting together a short film script. Beginning with classic films, you can watch, discuss, share ideas and write. As the course unfolds, you will receive mentoring from award-winning playwright and student of Channel 4 screenwriting, Joanne Richards, to help you develop your plot and your characters.

  • For 11-14 year olds (school Year 7 to Year 9)
  • Thursdays 5.30 to 6.30pm, from 12 January


Adventures in Motion: an introduction to animation

A magical journey where you can discover the possibilities of animation, led by BAFTA-nominated film maker and artist Eve Blackwood, using techniques from the birth of film to the present day.

Hone your creative storytelling skills as you plan and storyboard for your project.

Use a range of exciting technology to achieve dynamic storytelling through the universal language of moving image.

Discover where your film making strengths lie as we work together in all the roles involved in constructing a film – script writing, directing, sound design, editing, visual effects, and voice acting, to name but a few. This part of the course will run in collaboration with Screen Time.

  • For 11-16 year olds (school Year 7 to Year 11)
  • Thursdays 5.30 to 6.30pm, from 12 January


Street Dance

Learn street dance with our expert choregrapher and Royal Academy of Dance registered teacher Lauren Haith. In this course you will learn a fusion of commercial jazz dance, hip-hop and street, taking inspiration from current RnB and hip-hop music.

Each week, you will discover new steps and combinations, which you will be able to piece together into longer, more complex routines.

No previous experience is required. Male and female students welcome!

  • For 11-16 year olds (school Year 7 to Year 11)
  • Wednesdays 5.30 to 6.30pm, from 11 January