Revolution 1917-2017: the idea that changed the world


In 1917 communists seized power in Russia. These events changed the course of history for ever; the conflict between communism and capitalism would dominate the twentieth century.

Join us this autumn at Hampton Court House as we commemorate a hundred years since Red October with a season of fascinating talks and recitals that will bring the events and ideas of the Revolution to life – explore new perspectives on history, politics, art, language and music.

All are welcome. 

What’s on

The Story of Russia through Song
18 September, 7.00pm

Bolsheviks in the Bookstacks
3 October, 7.00pm

Time and Memory in Russian Art
10 October, 7.00pm

Shostakovich: A Musical Revolutionary
14 November, 7.00pm

Narratives: How Ordinary People Deal With Extraordinary Events
22 November, 7.00pm