The famous Etruscan paintings in the Tomb of the Diver

The famous Etruscan paintings in the Tomb of the Diver

Discover how this rich, decadent civilisation disappeared

In the 7th century BC Rome was just a farming town on a hill. Yet in Tuscany there was a civilisation of extraordinary richness – the Etruscans. Just a few hundred years later Rome was master of Europe and the Etruscans were forgotten and assimilated.

During this fascinating all-day workshop, you will piece together your own picture of this mysterious people through the remaining evidence of history, art and archaeology. 

Why did they disappear? What happened to their language? You will travel to their temples and tombs to find out where their religion came from and what impact it had on religion in ancient Rome. You will discover, through their beautiful surviving paintings, a decadent and advanced people with a rich, liberated domestic life. The day will conclude with a look at the legacy they left - from Jupiter to Josiah Wedgewood and the "Etruscomania" of 18th century England.


More about the workshop

Can children attend? Yes, this workshop is designed for people of all ages to learn more about this amazing ancient civilisation. Interested young historians aged 9 upwards are welcome.

Do I need to bring lunch? No, a delicious buffet lunch is included, along with mid-morning refreshments.

I can only make one of the dates. The guided visit to the British Museum is optional. You are welcome to only attend the workshop on 6 March at Hampton Court House.

Visit the Etruscan collections at the British Museum

The second part of the workshop is on Sunday 20 March, when you will have the opportunity to experience a guided visit around the Etruscan galleries at the British Museum. You can see first-hand all the archaeological evidence you have studied in the day workshop at Hampton Court House.

Reserve your place

Secure your place now for this unique historical learning experience

  • The workshop will run on Sunday 6 March from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm including lunch.
  • The course fee covers tuition, specially prepared resources, food and drink.
  • Interested historians of all ages welcome, including children aged 9 upwards attending with an adult.
  • We recommend reserving your place today as numbers will be capped to ensure an intimate atmosphere.