Anyone is able to make discoveries...

Join Dr Edmond Hui for an interactive evening where you can find your inner scientist. Using his own discoveries and those of others, he will attempt to prove that anyone is able to make discoveries, as long as they have curiosity, passion and perseverance.

This illustrated talk will explore the process of discovering things, using practical demonstrations from subjects as diverse as science, art, cookery – and even magic. The mental process of an artist discovering how to paint more realistically feels and perhaps is functionally exactly the same as the process of making a scientific discovery. In other words, to paraphrase Love Actually, ‘discovery is all around’.

You will have the opportunity to feel what it is like to make your own discoveries: it’s fun to find things out!

On a more serious note, Edmond will speak of his doubts about the science narrative that is often taught to children, in which discoveries are made by a rarefied, elevated group of ‘geniuses’ using the ‘scientific method’. This narrative is misleading, and discourages young people who want to consider science as a career. By sharing the discovery process, Edmond hopes to help you recognise the opportunities for discoveries in your own life.

Tuesday 13 June, 7.00pm
Adults £10, under 18s free