Do you have a cookbook languishing at home, lonely and unloved on a shelf?

Have you found yourself thinking, "I must get around to trying one of those recipes" but never seem to have the time? Join The Cookbook Club at Hampton Court House: you will discover new recipes for your family table and learn new techniques to help you in the kitchen.

This series of four supper-time cookery workshops will give you confidence and ideas that will help you bring friends and family together to enjoy delicious food. In our busy lives, we often think that preparing tasty meals takes too much time and requires “Masterchef level” talents but it cannot be further from the truth.

  • Thursday 21 September
  • Thursday 12 October
  • Thursday 9 November
  • Thursday 7 December

Together, you and your fellow participants will learn how to prepare straightforward dishes rich in flavour using fresh, seasonal produce. Each workshop culminates a sharing table, where you can appreciate the fruits of your labours. Family and friends are also invited.

How it works

Session 1
Before the first class, dig out your old cookbooks and highlight a couple of recipes you would love to try but have never got round to sampling. The session will begin with pooling your recipes and deciding on menus for the three other classes. There will, naturally, be practical cookery even in this first session: you will learn recipes from your tutor’s French family recipe book, which dates back to 1925.

Sessions 2, 3 and 4
Having decided on your seasonal, three-course menu for each session, come along and learn how to cook something new with guidance from your expert tutor. You will be supported with tuition on cooking techniques to help you become more confident in the kitchen and master new dishes with ease. The course fee includes all equipment and ingredients.

What you need

1. Cookbook
2. Desire to discover new recipes, try new foods and learn new cooking techniques
3. Good appetite
4. Wine is optional – family and friends are invited to the sharing table at the end of each session


Meet your GUIDE

The Form Seven Cookbook Club is led by globetrotting cook Emmanuelle Liebert. As far as she can remember, Emma has been passionate about food. She was always the first to sit down at the kitchen table for meals. As a girl of ten, on a long summer holiday in France, Emma was bored and desperate for new adventures – this was before iPads existed! She headed for the kitchen, started to cook and never looked back. Over the years Emma has gathered and tested thousands of recipes from all over the world. She was born and raised in France, then lived in Spain and in Asia before settling in England.

Follow Emma and her cookery on Instagram at @emma_homemade



Reserve your place for these friendly, hands-on workshops

  • Each workshop will run from 6.00pm to 9.00pm and will present different recipes for a starter, main course and pudding
  • Dates: Thursday 21 September, Thursday 12 October, Thursday 9 November and Thursday 7 December
  • Course fee: £200 for all four workshops; includes all ingredients and equipment required
  • Fee also includes two guests per participant invited to share in the dinner at the end of workshop
  • Numbers are capped in order to ensure personal attention from the tutor, so early reservation is recommended