"Don’t delight in curling your hair with tongs, Don’t wax your legs with sharp pumice stone... male beauty's better for neglect."

If there were ever an incentive for a male cast member of TOWIE to read Ovid, his advice on personal grooming might be it. And the tips for the ladies might well have been plucked from the pages of Cosmo. Cruel women, suspicious husbands and vicious gossips – some things never change. From the unrequited love which burns Catullus, to the witty and knowing verse of Ovid and Propertius, Latin poetry reveals the battlefield of love to be as dangerous and as exciting as any of Caesar's campaigns.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom and wit of the ancients, with your guide Fleur Macdonald: classicist, journalist and literary critic. Bring a picnic to enjoy in our sumptuous Georgian grounds.

  • Thursday 9 June, 7.30pm
  • A cash Pimm's bar will be available from 6.30pm
  • Adults £10, under 18s free (please note that this talk may contain mild erotic literature)