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AT HAMPTON court housE


Form Seven at Hampton Court House: where people and ideas meet

Form Seven is a community of people of all ages who love to ask questions, dedicated to enriching their knowledge and learning new skills. Join us to explore new perspectives and meet new people at Hampton Court House, our beautiful Georgian school overlooking Bushy Park in London. Our aim is to create experiences where people and ideas can meet.


You will meet new people on the same wavelength as you. Our brilliant courses, workshops and events will allow you to dive into a whole world of new ideas and skills: history, languages, music, science and creative arts. There is food for any curious mind.

Why Form Seven?

The last two years of school are traditionally known as the sixth form. We want to offer people of all ages the opportunity to pursue the adventure of learning – why should school finish at 18? Therefore it made sense that our community learning programme should be a “seventh form” – regardless of whether you are 18 or 80...

Learn a new skill and meet new people on your wavelength: join a Form Seven course

Brilliant courses for everyone
Join us each week at Hampton Court House for inspiring courses. Each has a relaxed atmosphere in a stunning Georgian setting.

Learn with expert tutors
Your tutors are native speakers or practising creative professionals who love to share their expertise and inspire you with their passion.

Try it for free!
The first session is a complimentary taster. If you decide that the class isn't for you, we will give you a full refund, no quibble.

Kickstart your French
Build your confidence in French with this fun beginners’ course, led by Aurore Duvollet

Accelerate your French
Intermediate French speakers can accelerate their skills towards fluency with Manon Tournier

Spanish from Scratch
Learn to speak, read and write basic Spanish in just 10 weeks, led by Rebeca Lopez Pernas

Mandarin Chinese for Beginners
Quickly learn to communicate with confidence in Mandarin Chinese: it’s easier than you think!

The Sketchbook Club
A space for artists of any level to experiment with techniques and materials with expert guidance

Sew It Yourself
An introduction to sewing with Martine Fiaux Porchet – design your own clothes or accessories

The Writers’ Fellowship
Hone your creative writing skills and publish your work, whatever your writing ambitions

Ballet for Adults
A weekly class incorporating barre work with Royal Academy of Dance teacher Lauren Haith




French for all at our renowned bilingual school

Head back to school with these two fast-paced language courses for improving or intermediate French speakers. With both courses, you have the opportunity to gain the internationally-recognised DELF or DALF qualifications, created by the French Ministry of Education.

Kickstart your French: a course for beginners

The focus of this course for improvers in French, led by Aurore Duvollet is building your confidence, enabling you to communicate without worrying about the odd mistake.

You will develop your vocabulary by using and manipulating the French language in a wide variety of scenarios. You will practise speaking and listening, reading and writing. Your tutor is a passionate advocate of French culture, including theatre and film.

  • For adult students aged 16+
  • Thursdays, 7.00 to 8.30 pm from 11 January

Accelerate your French: develop your skills towards fluency

With this intellectually stimulating language course, intermediate French speakers can learn how to communicate fluently. You will discover the rich culture of the French-speaking world through literature, politics, film, food and the arts.

In fast-paced lessons you will be presented with real-life situations that will challenge you. Your native French-speaking tutor, Manon Tournier, will help you develop your skills with systematic teaching of grammar and vocabulary.

  • For adult students aged 16+ with intermediate French
  • Thursdays, 7.00 to 8.30 pm from 11 January

Learn a new language

Learn one of the world’s most spoken languages – Mandarin Chinese or Spanish – with one of our fun, fast-paced yet rigorous language courses. Hampton Court House is famous for systematic language teaching, with our approach being validated by UNESCO and The Good Schools Guide.

Nihao! Learn Mandarin Chinese

A fast-paced course for beginners that aims to have you communicating with confidence in Mandarin Chinese. The course is tailored for adult learners with no previous experience of studying Mandarin. It’s easier than you think: give it a go!

Phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and Chinese characters will all be covered. Alongside intensive work on the language, your tutor, Coco Gu, will share her passion for Chinese culture – history, philosophy, art and food.

  • For adult students aged 16+
  • Thursdays 7.00 to 8.30 pm from 11 January

Spanish from Scratch

Spanish, with over 400 million speakers, is now second only to Chinese as the most spoken language on the planet. An understanding of Spanish opens up diverse and beautiful travel destinations in Spain and Latin America. Spain also has an incredibly rich literary heritage.

This course will help you become a confident speaker, reader and writer in Spanish. It is tailored for adult learners with no previous experience of the language. Your tutor, Rebeca Lopez Pernas, is a native Spanish speaker who loves sharing Spanish culture.

  • For adult students aged 16+
  • Thursdays 7.00 to 8.30 pm from 11 January

Creative evening CLASSES for adults

The Sketchbook Club: develop your artistic skills with help from the world’s greatest artists

The Sketchbook Club is a space where artists of any level – absolute beginner or experienced alike – can practise using different techniques and materials. This inspiring art course is all about playing, experimenting, having the freedom to “see what happens if...”

    Each week your tutor, Brenda Holtam, will guide you to an increased confidence in the use of colour. Brenda's own interests in this area have led her to develop a range of exercises for students to gain greater understanding and control of colour. 

    Through a basic knowledge of colour theories, reference to a examples of artists’ work from art history, and a lot of opportunity to practise, you will gain the skills and confidence to create harmonious paintings.

    • For adult students aged 16+
    • Thursdays 7.00 to 8.30 pm from 11 January

    Sew It Yourself: design and make your own bespoke clothing or accessories

    Sew It Yourself is the perfect course for beginners or improvers in sewing and design. Over the term you will learn different sewing techniques and understand basic patterns by making your own clothing and accessories under the watchful guidance of Martine Fiaux Porchet.

    You will be taught how to cut fabric properly, which fabric best suits your project, how to use a sewing machine, how to make a neat hem, how to sew a buttonhole and zip, how to place a pocket, where to make darts and much more besides!

    • For adult students aged 16+
    • Thursdays 7.00 to 8.30 pm from 11 January

    The Writers’ Fellowship: develop your writing in your chosen field and learn how to publish your work

    This course is designed to help aspiring writers in any field – novelists, essayists, poets, scriptwriters and more – to develop your writing; to shape your ideas in a way that makes anyone who “overhears” your words keep reading right until the very last word. 

    Each week, your tutor, local author Peter Wells will guide you as you delve into the details of different genres, while making space for practising your own creative writing. You will have the opportunity to learn from your peers and receive private critique from Peter by email. The course includes opportunities to publish works of your own choice online and in a course-wide anthology.

    • For adult students aged 16+
    • Thursdays 7.00 to 8.30 pm from 11 January


    Ballet for Adults: a unique, sociable fitness experience

    The BBC, Telegraph and Guardian have all featured the benefits of ballet as an all-round workout: core strength, posture, muscle sculpting and flexibility. Our Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher Lauren Haith has developed this course starting at the barre and moving on to more expressive dance. All are welcome for a unique, sociable fitness experience.

    • For adult students aged 16+
    • Thursdays 7.00 to 8.30 pm from 11 January